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My Personal Transformation Tuesday

This week I wanted to share my own personal one-year transformation photos and story with you! When the photos on the left came up from last year I couldn’t keep this progress to myself! I was so excited to share and more than that I wanted to share the details on how I got to where I am now!

There were…

No pills
No wraps
No patches
No drastic diet restrictions

It did involve…

Making my workouts a priorities
Proper portion control
Planning out meals for the week
Never giving up despite my kids crazy sleep schedules or life in general!

This has become a lifestyle change. Yes, it has included the occasional remainder of a PB&J or a handful of goldfish or a slice or two of birthday cake because that is LIFE and there is no way around it! I didn’t let that get me off track! If I oversleep and I was not able to get my workout in so I would take a rest day and get back at it the next day!

Has it been easy?


Has it been worth it?


Getting up early and making sure I get to bed at a decent hour is tough. Making sure that I have my workout clothing set out the night before and on either Saturday or Sunday planning out my week has helped tremendously.

So what did I do exactly?

I followed three different programs. Two of which were each 21 days with workouts consisting of 30 min each. The most recent program that I have completed was 8 weeks of strength, stabilization, and power training. Due to illness and a variety of other bumps in the road it took me close to 12 weeks to complete, yet I still completed the whole program. Due to kids crazy schedules and an effort to make life a lot easier for me and one less meal to plan I utilized a meal replacement that helped me to get all the vitamins, minerals, and protein that I needed for cheaper than buying that meal. Quick, easy, super healthy and that is what I call a huge WIN for this mom!

I can’t wait to see what is in store for the next year!

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4 Years of Superfood!

12143080_10103319885589632_7396858098718254502_nCan you name something that you have been eating for 4 years that gives you all of these benefits?

I have been enjoying this shake and all of its wonderful benefits for the past 4 years! It has been around for 7 years now!

I wanted to share a little more about it with you!

It is NOT a protein shake!

It is NOT a diet/weight loss drink!

It IS a superfood!

It IS a healthy fast food!

It DOES give me energy! HELLO!! I have two little ones under 3, I need all the energy I can get!

It does DOES crush my cravings for junk and sweets!

It DOES boost my immune system!

It DOES keep me regular! (Just being honest with you!)

It DOES fuel my body to perform at its ultimate level!

This is why I drink it. Every! Single! Day!

Even when I workout…especially when I workout!

I love my Shakeology!!

Who wants to try it?

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Half Way Done!


This has not been the easiest journey, that is life these days. I had to restart the program after only 2 weeks due to all of us getting the stomach bug and it lasted almost a whole week. Then once I restarted it has taken me close to 6 weeks to complete 4 weeks of the program, which is why there is more than 4 weeks between my before and current pictures. Hopefully in 4-5 more weeks I will be able to post my final photos!

I love this program so much! It has pushed me on days where I just wanted to quit or give up. I have learned new lifting techniques and moves. I am seeing my body change in ways I didn’t think possible after having two babies!

I have had days where I didn’t feel like working out or my body felt tired and needed to recover more so I took the time off I needed. When I felt better I would do the next workout in the plan. I always take Thursday’s off since they are my super busy day.

Here is a list of all of my non scale victories!

I have gone down 3 pant sizes.
I have more energy.
I am a lot stronger physically.
I have become stronger mentally.
I have NOT quit or given up. I have pushed through on tough days and done workouts at 3 PM when my children are getting close to their daily meltdowns or I have gotten up at 4:30 or 5 AM when I have felt like I could.
I have slept when my body needed it.
I have pushed harder when I felt like I could.
I have trusted God in this journey.
I have gained so much confidence.

I could care less about what the number on the scale says. I could almost care less about my measurements. I love seeing myself getting stronger! Pushing more weight than I did the last time and seeing how my body responds.

70% of people give up or quit on their workout program

I refused to be part of that 70%! This is a proven program that works! I had to trust the WHOLE program meal plan and workouts and that is exactly what I have done. Yes, I have taken a few more rest days but I have done my best to keep my nutrition on track.

Would you like to see results like these?

Finishing the Year Strong Day 1…


Day 1:

Today was Day 1 of my last 21 Day push to the end of the year! It went very well and I am happy with how the day ended up! I am feeling energized and so happy to be back on track and eating better.  I already eat decent but there are days that I do not eat enough fruit or greens and it has felt great to have those back in my meals! I also LOVE not having to worry about trying to count calories!  I don’t have time for all of that! I know exactly what I need to eat and all I have to do it check off which containers I eat for each meal!  It is so easy!

Workout: PLYO – NOT to be confused with PiYO they are two very different workouts! I will be feeling that one tomorrow!  A small miracle happened this afternoon as I had hoped to get up very early to workout and that didn’t happen BUT I was able to workout from 4 – 4:45 PM with both kids playing and minimal pauses!  I also managed to get in the 10 Min Abs workout which I did have a little extra resistance and a foot or two in my face! Watch out world not only did I get a workout done in the afternoon, both kids were with me, and I did two videos!  I feel like I could take on the world now!

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs, 1 slice of toast, water, coffee with 1 tsp coconut oil and 1 packet of stevia – 1Y, 1R & 1 tsp

Snack: PB Banan Chocolate Shakeology 1R 1P & 2tsp

Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs, orange spinach salad with sunflower seeds, balsamic dressing 1R, 1.5P, 2G, 1O

Snack: A couple of slivers from baby girls grilled cheese (oops!), 1 hard boiled egg .5Y, .5R

Dinner: Bulgogi, kimchi, brown and white rice, with Romaine leaves 2G, 1R, 1.5Y, 1tsp

I got all of my 12 cups of water in also today and I felt like I made a lot of trips to the restroom today!


Progress Over the Year

29 October 152 Weeks Postpartum-2


Over the past year I have been tired, exhausted, sleep deprived, a new mom of 2 under 2, uncomfortable in my skin, feeling bloated, and trying to embrace the joys of a new baby. It has been a lot to adjust to and the biggest thing that I have learned is that it is all about balance!

After gaining 60 plus lbs with my first pregnancy and to only be able to gain about 35 with this one I had to watch what I ate and make sure to stay as active as possible. I proceeded in completing 2 rounds of 21-Day Fix and 2 rounds of 21-Day Fix Extreme and was highly dedicated to the program. I changed it up with a couple of different programs and getting out and walking and trying to start running again. During the following months we were traveling back and fourth between the states a couple of times along with taking a trip to Korea and I enjoyed my fair share of wonderful foods all the while trying to making the best choices possible during the time that we weren’t traveling and were at home!

Now, I am ready to get focused again and prepare for the new program coming out in December and I will be starting after the first of the year! I am now within 5 lbs of my pre pregnancy weight which reaching it is not my main concern right now. I am now ready to do one more focused and on track round of 21 Day Fix Extreme. I am excited to see some big changes in my body over the next few months!

Of all programs I have ever done this has been by far the simplest and easiest to maintain and keep up! Portion control and 30 min of workouts has made a huge impact on shedding 60 lbs of baby weight!

December 7th starts my journey back to the best shape of my life since I am not back to my probably weight! Follow me as this journey begins!



Sharing the Truth – Misconceptions of Shakeology

ShakeO Mis


Here recently I have been hearing a lot of hesitations, reservation, misconception, and/or misinformation about Shakeology.  I wanted to compile all of my thoughts and the information that I have, then all the sudden this popped up and I realized that I couldn’t have said it any better myself so I had to share with you!


Sharing the Truth stated by Coach Seay Stanford (Shared on Facebook).

#1 MISCONCEPTION: Shakeology is a protein shake.

Meaning just a shake that provides extra protein. I can’t blame the general public for thinking this since “protein shake” has become nearly an interchangeable term for ANY shake. But, all shakes are not created equal—especially ones that contain superfoods. Shakeology is a very nutrient-dense shake that can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You’d have to eat a whole lot of fruits and vegetables to equal the nutrition in a single glass of Shakeology—and you probably couldn’t do it for less than 170 calories. Shakeology makes it very easy to cut your calories without substantially cutting down your daily volume of nutrients needed. Truth be told, the majority of people are WAY MORE nutrient deficient, than they are protein deficient. So why just stop at a protein shake?

#2 MISCONCEPTION: Shakeology is about comparing carbs, proteins, and fats to other shakes.

This is not at all what you should be comparing when you look at other shakes versus Shakeology. Sure, other shakes have 0 grams of sugar. But how do you think those shakes achieve that? Hint, it’s not natural. Yes, that’s right, they are probably using ARTIFICIAL sweeteners to get to 0 grams of sugar. Even fruit has sugar in it. A shake with 0 grams of sugar is using ARTIFICIAL sweeteners. Shakeology has NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial colors, NO soy, NO artificial stimulants, and NO artificial flavors. One of its main sweeteners is Stevia, which is plant-based.

#3 MISCONCEPTION: Shakeology is just a bunch of extracts, with no whole-food ingredients.

That’s not true. Whenever it’s possible and sustainable for the formula, the superfoods in Shakeology are preserved in their whole-food state to retain maximum nutrient value. It’s a very difficult process to use whole, plant-based ingredients so that the formula retains as much nutritional value as possible, but Shakeology has a whole team of scientists whose mission is to maximize the nutrition in every ingredient in Shakeology. Imagine trying to juice all those superfoods! Shakeology is way less expensive and a huge time-saver.

#4 MISCONCEPTION: Shakeology is expensive.

To anyone who feels this product is expensive I know that I have not done my diligence in breaking down its REAL VALUE. Most people will agree that they would spend an average of $3 to $7 on a HEALTHY nutritious meal. I know most store-bought salads cost even more than that, and don’t contain nearly the dense concentration of nutrients. But on average, I think we can all agree healthy meals run between $3 and $7. Shakeology, at $4.33 per shake, comes in on the LOW END of average. (You can make Shakeology into a breakfast or lunch that you’d be buying anyway.) Not only are you spending less than you normally would, you’re also getting vital nutrients your body needs, that you just can’t get from your run-of-the-mill salad, plus the normal range of vitamins and minerals. So you can replace your VITAMINS, too. Sure, you may need a specific vitamin, based on your conditions, geography, or age—but in general, Shakeology will provide you with a solid base of your whole-food nutrients.

When was the last time you went to your grocery store and bought THIRTY meals all at once? Typically, I’m guessing, you buy a few days’ worth each time. When you buy a bulk bag of Shakeology, you are buying 30 of your shakes up-front. That means you’ll spend less money at the grocery store. Because of the grocery savings, I actually deduct my monthly Shakeology from my grocery budget. For the price, I cannot duplicate its vast quality of ingredients and nutrients.

#5 MISCONCEPTION: Shakeology is only for weight loss.

Most shakes are marketed this way. But here’s the thing. Anything will induce weight loss if it’s low enough in calories. Just because you are drinking a shake, does not mean the fat will melt off. Actually, if you are not getting enough nutrients and calories you will actually inhibit your weight-loss efforts. Shakeology is about HEALTH. When you put the RIGHT nutrients in your body that it needs to develop, heal, recover, repair, and thrive, you may ultimately have MORE energy, LESS cravings, and FEEL better therefore you eat less and become more active. With Shakeology, weight loss becomes a BY-PRODUCT of dense nutrition.

To make my point, when was the last time you dieted and cut calories only to feel tired, grouchy, and had a ton of cravings? That is because you may have been nutrient deficient. What if you’re at your goal weight, or need to GAIN weight? Because Shakeology is about DENSE NUTRITION you can use it as your base and add clean calories to make it 300 calories or more. Not everyone needs to lose weight, but everyone needs to be healthier. Shakeology isn’t MAGIC. It’s just clean dense nutrition made SUPER easy for everyone at a very affordable price. It’s my family’s “fast food” on the counter. Yes, my family goes through 4–5 bags a MONTH because even though we all have different weight and caloric needs, we all share the same NUTRITIONAL needs. Shakeology isn’t a weight-loss shake—it’s a nutrition shake.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


For more information  or to check out my upcoming 12 Day Challenge group click here

What is it with all the shake pictures…

Oh back about two years ago when I first started using Shakeology my coach told me you are going to love this it is the best tasting protein shake that also helps you loose weight, reduce cravings (I have the WORST sweet tooth),  increase energy, and improved overall digestions.  Okay so she got me with the best tasting and the reduce cravings.  Sweets were and still are my weakness.  When I wasn’t pregnant I actually had really good control over them so I can’t wait to get back to that point.  I will say that it has dramatically reduced my pregnancy cravings and I don’t feel like they are as intense.  It also seems to me that I can curb them easily with say a piece of fruit or by just drinking some water or heaven forbid just walking out of the kitchen!!

So what is Shakeology?

It is your daily dose of dense nutrition and a very delicious superfood packed protein shake.  So I have tried lots of protein in my time and this is by far the best tasting.  I will say that about a year and a half ago they reformulated it and I didn’t care for the taste but luckily they fixed it and it is much better!  Then again when they did that I had just found out I was pregnant with baby girl so who knows if it was the formula they were using or the pregnancy talking!  Guess we will never know!  With Shakeology it is protein-rich with 17g per serving so it helps you to feel full which in turn reduces the chances for you to reach for those “cheat” or junk food snacks throughout the day!  It is also great if you have one meal a day that is always rushed this would be a great meal for that time of day!  Then you would know that you are always making a healthy choice no matter what!

So you see me post about these shakes every day!  Well except for the past few days because…GASP…I ran out!!  The WORST thing in the world to happen especially when you are craving some serious chocolate!! Have you ever wanted to give them a try and see what it is all about?  You have a chance!  Starting 6 October I will be offering a 12-Day Shakeology Challenge.  This will give you a chance to see what it is all about!  I will provide you with a detailed meal guide to meet your needs along with the accountability to keep you going strong for the 12 Days!  Groups in the past have lost up to 12 in and 25 lbs and all in 12 Days!  If this is something you would be interested in trying go to the 12-Day Challenge under free Coaching and sign up today! You can also check out Shakeology here for more information!!


12 Day Challenge Oct



Shakeology Info Chart

Pregnancy Differences…

Prego Comparison


The top pictures were taken in February and April 2013 and the bottoms were taken in July and August 2014.  There has been such a huge difference in my pregnancies and I am preparing myself for the children to be just as different!  With my baby girl I was sick from the day I found out I was pregnant which was in September until November.  I remember being so thrilled that I was going to get to enjoy Thanksgiving without feeling sick, I still took my Zofran just in case but nothing!  I was so exhausted that I would come home from work and pretty much crash till the next morning when I would get up to do it all again!  Healthy food, salad, and veggies – what were those!  I did not want anything to do with a salad or anything healthy for that matter!  It was all revolting!  This is funny considering that month’s prior my coworker and I were swapping tips on transporting salads with our favorite dressing to work!  Crackers were a staple from the beginning, so much that I kept a stash next to the bed for the longest time!  Fried anything and ice cream anything all sounded great!  We moved houses when I was about 6 months along, our new house had a Dairy Queen less than a mile down the street, and my husband visited it frequently for me!  I was working and on my feet, a lot and I think that was my saving grace for not gaining more weight!  I was able to swim some in the beginning, which felt amazing of course!

Pregnancy number two has been night and day different!  I was running 3-5 miles almost up to the day that I found out I was pregnant!  We were in transition from the US to Japan when I found out and I did not stop running because I found out I was pregnant it was more the feeling a little sick and I continued running intervals up until about 22-24 weeks and then I couldn’t do it any more!  I continued to walk until just recently when it got too hot here during the day for me to be out and even in the morning it was still just too much for me to be out walking!  Time to move it indoors.  I had also been doing  Les Mills Pump prior to finding out that I was prego so once our household goods arrived I started that back up immediately and I was able to keep it up for a while!  Then PIYO was released and with it being low impact and great for all fitness levels I decided to give it a try and I was able to do it for about 4 weeks.  Then my belly just started getting in the way too much!  I made a great discovery of a new program that I have ordered and I will share what it is once I receive it and start it so keep checking back!  Food wise I had to eliminate sugar as much as I could especially about 2-3 PM.  I would feel miserable if I ate anything sweet after then!  I went ahead and requested Zofran just to help me in the evenings but as long as I ate well I did not have too many problems!  I loved salads, veggies, and all things healthy!  So much that I tested out the recipes for my 12 Day Challenge

before starting one of the groups so that I could show some pictures for the group!  It is just now getting to the point that I am just not super hungry in the evenings and it takes every ounce of my being to cook dinner!  My poor husband!  Luckily, he is very understanding!  I am trying my best to muster the energy to cook for him and baby girl in the evenings, usually by the time that I have cooked dinner and tasted it I am ready to eat!  This far I have only gained a total of 13 lbs but unfortunately, I had not been able to get the majority of my previous baby weight off so I have about 25 lbs extra to spare.  Therefore, I will still probably weigh the same amount at the time of delivery as I did with baby girl, which I topped out at 210-215.

My labor with baby girl was only four hours total so I cannot wait to write-up a post about the differences there too!  So, stay tuned for more to come!

Starting to get tired of being pregnant!

– Lauren