Taking time for family and friends…



Once a week I meet with a good friend over FaceTime!  It is our time to work on setting goals for our businesses and discussing the ups and downs that life brings us!  She has also played and huge part in helping me to grow and push my business to what it has become and will become in the future!  Thanks to all the advances in modern technology it has been so much easier to keep in touch with friends and family and they have all been able to watch my baby girl grow even though they cannot be here with us!  They have also gotten to see my ever growing belly!  So please do not take for granted living close to family and friends.  I have always wished I could live closer to family and one day it will happen!  In the mean time I am very thankful for FaceTime, Skype, MagicJack, and all of the other pieces of technology that have made it possible for us to feel more connected to family and friends.  So please go call someone you love and tell them you were thinking about them! Or go see them if you can!  Embrace it for all of us that can’t!

Cravings Happen…

The struggle is real folks and as much as I try to keep healthy foods here I have days (since being prego, when not prego I could go a lot longer without sweets!) that I just can’t help it!  There are days where yes I chug some water and feel better or eat an apple with some PB and  I don’t think twice about it.  Then there are days like the day I made the purchase below that I just couldn’t help myself!  There was no way around it! Or there are days when my husband (Mr. I don’t eat sweets!!) wants ice cream and he brings home 2 pints of Ben & Jerry’s and yes I resist at first.  Then a couple of days later I am at a moment of weakness when nothing is helping and there is goes more ice cream consumed!!  I will say that this time around the cravings are a lot fewer and far between, I am managing them better, and well it helps there isn’t a Dairy Queen less than a mile down the road!!

Here are some of the snacks that have really helped me to manage this craving!!

Greek yogurt, sliced banana, with PB – mix the yogurt and PB, slice the banana and put the mixture over it and put in the freezer for a little bit.  ENJOY!!

Greek yogurt with PB2 – mix together and use as a fruit dip!

Plain almonds

Good old fashion glass of water! With lemon or lime of course!

Prego or not one serving at a sitting is not going to kill your weight loss or your eating but continuing to eat like that will or eating half of a container in a sitting will! Hang it there it isn’t the end of the world and it happens!  It is a fact of life it happens and depriving yourself of something that you enjoy will only make matters worse in the long run!


Ice Cream







Vanilla Almond Banana PB

Yesterday I had an epic fail in the shake department so I had to recover today and I DID!!!  This one was DELICIOUS!!
Vanilla Almond Banana PB2

1 Scoop Vanilla Shakeology
1/2 Banana
1/8 C. Slivered almonds
2 TBSP PB2 or 1 TBSP of peanut butter
1 C. Milk
1 C. Ice

Blend and enjoy!!! It was so delicious!!





12 Day Challenge

Have you ever wondered what Shakeology was all about or how it tasted?  With the 12 Day Challenge it is the perfect opportunity to try out the shakes along with a designated meal plan while keeping with your consistent workout routine!  I know you will be pleasantly  surprised by the results! You can get more information here!!


12 Day Challenge Meals



My Fitness Transformation Journey…



In July of 2009, we get married and I was in great shape at the time! Then in November of 2009, we move to Camp Casey, South Korea.  I had a couple of fitness certifications so began teaching classes 4-5 times per week with some times teaching 2-3 times per day.  I had also set up weightlifting programs to follow and being in a foreign country I was eating everything new and figured it will be okay since I am working out as much as I was.  I WAS WRONG!!  Two years and 25 to 30 pounds later, we are coming home to the states. I am miserable and not comfortable in my clothing.  Unhappy with how I look and frustrated with the excessive amount of weight I had gained.  I did not have a job and was dying to get the weight off.  I had recently been introduced to Clean Eating, which I was taking head on since I was home, and could cook our meals.  The gym that I liked going to was about 20 min away and with the price of gas at the time it was getting expensive for me to be driving back and forth three to five days a week.  Dying to find a gym that offered the Les Mills Body Pump but there was nothing less than 20 min away.  I had started talking to a friend about Beachbody and at the time, they had just teamed up with Les Mills to offer a home version of Body Pump called Les Mills Pump.

At that point in time, I had two huge goals: 1. My sis was getting married in September and I wanted to loose the weight. I did not want to be up in front of friends and family as a size 10. And 2. We had decided it was time to start our family and I had always told myself that I wanted to be in the best shape of my life before I got pregnant.  Robert and I talked about it, for me to become a Beachbody Coach was the best deal for the discount, I was able to get the Les Mills Pump and get started with Shakeology, and I would not have to spend the gas going to and from the gym.  I started in May and by September, I had dropped 20 pounds and 4 dress sizes.  Within two weeks of starting the program, Robert was already noticing results and I was feeling back to myself!

In the beginning, I was very skeptical because my way of thinking was you have to have a program you go to the gym or your run. I never ever thought that I could get these amazing results from working out at home with a set of DVD’S! Much less, drink a shake that was full of the vitamins and minerals your body needs and craves.

About Me



I have been active and striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle since 7th grade. It all started when I decided to run track and from then on, I have enjoyed running, weightlifting, cycling, tennis, and just about any other outdoor activity. I graduated from Oklahoma State, with a B.S. in Leisure Service with a concentration in Management. It was not until after college that I discovered my true love for fitness and my passion for helping others reach their fitness goals. I received my personal training certification through Cooper Institute and my Group Fitness Instructor and Indoor Cycling Certifications from AFAA. Now, I read anything and everything that I can get my hands on!



I am married to a wonderful and supportive husband that I am so blessed and thankful to have in my life. We have a 1-year-old daughter who is on the verge of walking and she has a little brother expected to arrive sometime late October. We have two dogs a Shiba Inu, named Mia, a yellow lab named Tucker, and they were my “fur”st babies. I have a sister who is the brains behind my marketing and design efforts and a set of amazing parents who always pushed me to set goals for myself and work hard to achieve them.



As I have grown a little older and have had an 8 to 5 desk job, I have notice my body changing. I have had to learn how to plan meals, pack my lunch, plan workouts, set an early bedtime, and set alarms for four in the morning. I have had to try out new recipes after working long days plus being up at 4 A.M. I know what it feels like! I have a huge sweet tooth and cakes, cookies, and chocolate and can end up sabotaging all that I work towards if not careful. I have learned and experienced first hand how much stress affects your body and your weight.

I am now a new mom adjusting to the life of chasing around a one year old with baby number two on the way. I have had to adjust to a new life and schedule with a little one. I was working full-time before our move to Japan, I felt we were finally getting into a good routine and it was time to move! Now I have to adjust to being a home professional! In the process of figuring out our day-to-day routine, I decided I needed an outlet, something to do, and most of all a way to help others with the information and knowledge that I have while sharing my day-to-day frustrations or victories. Which is how this all came about!




I had not gotten the baby weight off from having my first so when I found out I was pregnant with our second I felt I was a little ahead in the weight department and I was going to have to make a huge effort to make sure I didn’t gain excessively. So far so good considering I had an extra 25 pounds to spare. I hope that my journey encourages pregnant moms whether it is their first or fifth pregnancy to work towards keeping the weight gain to a minimum. I had always told myself I was not going to gain an excessive amount of weight when I got pregnant and the very opposite happened when I topped out at 210 on delivery day and considering I started off at 145.

After baby number two is born I am very excited to share with you my journey back to the best shape of my life along with sharing the ups and downs I will encounter along the way!

I am here to help inform people about clean eating, working hard, and being persistent to achieve the goals, you have set. I am looking forward to help you in any way I can.

If you have a passion for helping others reach their goals and have, a passion for health and fitness please go to coaching opportunity under contact and leave your information and I will get back to you!

I you would be interested in me helping you reach your fitness goals please fill out the form under contact and free coaching and I will get back to you with more information.

I look forward to helping everyone I can and if you know someone who would be interested please pass this information on to him or her.


– Lauren