Snacks For Your Car

One of my clients posted today that he had a rough 3rd day of the 21 Day Fix. He had an unexpected delay when he was out running errands and ended up missing his snack and lunch. BUT he DID NOT let that stop him from being successful today!! He still managed to finish strong and learned a valuable lesson.

Never leave home without some healthy snacks!

So I came up with a couple of ideas that are easy and can be stored easily in your car. They are also Summer heat approved!!

1. A snack bag with almonds – I would recommend keeping a few of these in the car.

2. Several bottles of water. You never know when you might get stuck and need water. They are also good to have on hand for #3.

3. Packets of Shakeology. You can either do the prepackaged or you can make up your own with snack bags.

4. A shaker cup – can be used for your water if you wanted to add some ice or to mix up a quick shake for a snack.

Load your car up with these today so you are never stranded without a healthy snack!!