Pregnancy Differences…

Prego Comparison


The top pictures were taken in February and April 2013 and the bottoms were taken in July and August 2014.  There has been such a huge difference in my pregnancies and I am preparing myself for the children to be just as different!  With my baby girl I was sick from the day I found out I was pregnant which was in September until November.  I remember being so thrilled that I was going to get to enjoy Thanksgiving without feeling sick, I still took my Zofran just in case but nothing!  I was so exhausted that I would come home from work and pretty much crash till the next morning when I would get up to do it all again!  Healthy food, salad, and veggies – what were those!  I did not want anything to do with a salad or anything healthy for that matter!  It was all revolting!  This is funny considering that month’s prior my coworker and I were swapping tips on transporting salads with our favorite dressing to work!  Crackers were a staple from the beginning, so much that I kept a stash next to the bed for the longest time!  Fried anything and ice cream anything all sounded great!  We moved houses when I was about 6 months along, our new house had a Dairy Queen less than a mile down the street, and my husband visited it frequently for me!  I was working and on my feet, a lot and I think that was my saving grace for not gaining more weight!  I was able to swim some in the beginning, which felt amazing of course!

Pregnancy number two has been night and day different!  I was running 3-5 miles almost up to the day that I found out I was pregnant!  We were in transition from the US to Japan when I found out and I did not stop running because I found out I was pregnant it was more the feeling a little sick and I continued running intervals up until about 22-24 weeks and then I couldn’t do it any more!  I continued to walk until just recently when it got too hot here during the day for me to be out and even in the morning it was still just too much for me to be out walking!  Time to move it indoors.  I had also been doing  Les Mills Pump prior to finding out that I was prego so once our household goods arrived I started that back up immediately and I was able to keep it up for a while!  Then PIYO was released and with it being low impact and great for all fitness levels I decided to give it a try and I was able to do it for about 4 weeks.  Then my belly just started getting in the way too much!  I made a great discovery of a new program that I have ordered and I will share what it is once I receive it and start it so keep checking back!  Food wise I had to eliminate sugar as much as I could especially about 2-3 PM.  I would feel miserable if I ate anything sweet after then!  I went ahead and requested Zofran just to help me in the evenings but as long as I ate well I did not have too many problems!  I loved salads, veggies, and all things healthy!  So much that I tested out the recipes for my 12 Day Challenge

before starting one of the groups so that I could show some pictures for the group!  It is just now getting to the point that I am just not super hungry in the evenings and it takes every ounce of my being to cook dinner!  My poor husband!  Luckily, he is very understanding!  I am trying my best to muster the energy to cook for him and baby girl in the evenings, usually by the time that I have cooked dinner and tasted it I am ready to eat!  This far I have only gained a total of 13 lbs but unfortunately, I had not been able to get the majority of my previous baby weight off so I have about 25 lbs extra to spare.  Therefore, I will still probably weigh the same amount at the time of delivery as I did with baby girl, which I topped out at 210-215.

My labor with baby girl was only four hours total so I cannot wait to write-up a post about the differences there too!  So, stay tuned for more to come!

Starting to get tired of being pregnant!

– Lauren